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About Ashley

Hi there! I'm Ashley, a travel agent curating travel of all kinds for all people. While I plan and book for all, I have special experience in planning for those with Type 1 Diabetes and/or a service dog. Having my own T1D toddler and his service dog has given me the personal experience to help others within these communities as they travel too. We have become experts doing Disney World with T1D and a service dog; I can proudly say we have mastered Disney's DAS (Disability Access Service) pass and have had extremely positive experiences taking our service dog. 


We all have our own unique needs and no matter how big or small, they will play a huge part in the enjoyment of our travels. If you are looking for an agent who will be empathetic and understanding to whatever your unique needs are when traveling, I'm the one for you! Disney, Universal, all-inclusive, cruise, quick weekend getaway, or even a hotel staycation are all things I can plan and book for you. If you can dream it, I can plan it! My services come at no extra cost to you; the companies charge for a travel agent in their pricing, so you are paying for the service whether you use it or not. So let's make travel personal again, because I am here to work for you!

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